Moody Monday Pick Me Up

Early by 20 minutes, so sue me…don’t be angry it’s Monday. Partake, instead, in some Kenneth Anger magic.

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Comeback Kid


I am quite ashamed and relatively distraught at having neglected my humble blog for so long…but today (ahem, tonight), I am turning over a new leaf and gettin back into the swing of things. (Pardon the cliches, it’s been a damn minute…!)

My first order of business in all things audacious is this video. That’s it. Only because very little explanation is needed considering the female character is the wonderous Emma Koenig, the female Millennial’s answer to all things angst. Koenig birthed the widely-acclaimed blog, “Fuck I’m in my 20s” which went on to become a book. And if you’ve shopped the gift section at Urban Outfitters (you most likely have if you are an angst-ridden millennial), then you will find her book of hysterical blog posts on the travails of early adulthood. You will most likely find a copy directly next to the cooking with cannabis books. Koenig’s blog/book/video aren’t anything new, but they are timeless. Enjoy.

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“Fashion Film” It’s About Time…

So I’m sure a lot of you have seen or at least heard of the Matthew Frost video for Viva Vena! starring Lizzy Caplan…don’t even know where to begin, but I’m just obsessed with this video. Gotta love a good spoof on nostalgic, hipster fashion movies. Enjoy, and happy Friday!!

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Moody Monday Musics

Deltron 3030- Time Keeps On Slippin

Amanda Palmer-Do It With A Rockstar

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