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Ideally Idle


Idleness resembles not the devil, nor does she find our hands to be a vast playground. Such things conjure robust and fantastic imagery and idleness does not lay claim to these things.


Idleness is a steaming cup of coffee, a promising instrument of production and a beacon of rejuvenation that instead lingers over a flick through the paper, a page turn in a novel.


We do not seek idleness; rather she seeks us out in the breath of our adamant protest. We find ourselves deserving of solitude and relaxation and we openly proclaim this, yet to confess idleness is to admit to sin.


We are acutely aware of her presence and her careful place next to the last cookie in the jar.


To be idle is to challenge the essence of the country’s origin story; an empire founded upon protestant principles that sits atop the hunched back of productivity; to be idle is to worship idolatry in a monotheistic land.



The Audacity Welcomes You…


After a prolonged hiatus of soul searching and city hopping, it’s time to finish what I’ve started. The Audacity began as a mandatory blog for school and ended as an outlet for whimsy. I’ve since been updating only the tumblr page, the cousin site if you will, to The Audacity. However, since graduating from college and job hunting in New York (I’ve discovered ‘Job hunt’ and ‘New York’ coexist together like lunchmeat and wonder bread ), I figure now is the time: the time to live audaciously and without trepidation; to sever self-consciousness  with sass. You get it. We’ve got it.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Gatsby


“There must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams — not through her own fault, but because of the colossal vitality of his illusion. It had gone beyond her, beyond everything. He had thrown himself into it with a creative passion, adding to it all the time, decking it out with every bright feather that drifted his way. No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart.” 



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Moody Monday Pick Me up

Moody Monday Pick Me up

Ahh Lindsay, where art thou pomp and circumstance gone?

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Moody Monday Pick Me Up

Moody Monday Pick Me Up

Harper’s Bazaar Beauty shot, 1962. Photographed by Jeanloup Sieff.

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Interviewing the Interviewer…

He may be the head of the department of my school for our Fashion Journalism program, but Paul Wilner has contributed so much more when it’s come to the free press. As a matter of fact, Mr. Wilner has not only proven himself as a seasoned journalist, he’s also proven to have the chops and the bad-assery to support as well as front the style and arts sections of magazines and news papers; something that’s actually quite surprising to find in a humble, yet gregarious man. To back up my claims, let’s review his creds: a former editor of the San Francisco Examiner magazine, a contributing writer to the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, The LA Times and the Paris Review, AND he was THE FOUNDING editor of the San Francisco Chronicle Style section. So really, he knows a thing or two when it comes to the world of fashion journalism. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Paul Wilner and was able to pick his brain on how to get an internship with a magazine, his favorite job ever, and on writing in a garret…


Audacity: What got you into writing, at first? What was your first job?


Paul Wilner: I always liked writing and I had always been interested in reading. I had thought that maybe I would study liberal arts, maybe get a job in academia. But I think to go the academic route…to write an extremely well researched , possibly stuffy piece with a lot of foot notes…it wasn’t me, so much. It wasn’t until my mom got me a job as a copy boy at the New York Times. That’s when it really started all coming together for me.


A: Have you written in any other medium and/or genre?


PW: Yeah, I’ve written some fiction, I’ve written some poetry. I’ve done a fair amount of literary criticism, as well.


A: So why journalism, then?


PW: For me it was all about the mix. Journalism was a way to major in writing, but was also a way for me to make a living in writing, as opposed to being in a garret or sitting in a studio. That works for some people, but not for me. It gets lonely and you can get into a head trip about yourself.


A: Best advice for aspiring journalists, especially those who wish to break into fashion journalism, specifically.


Like any [job], there are people involved so it’s good to have some basic psychological skills, and to know how to get along with other people. As far as the work itself, I think it’s important to take each discreet unit, in whatever job it is you have, and to do it as well as possible.


A: Ok, what was your favorite or worst job ever?


PW: When I moved to LA, I was working for a newspaper called the LA Herald Examiner and we had a really good editor. Back in New York [my editor] had helped develop writers like Tom Wolfe…people I admired. We had a small, peppy staff and a lot of opportunities to do great things.


A: What gives a budding fashion journalist that “edge?”


PW: It’s almost a given that you already have an edge because technology comes naturally to you. Beyond that I think that the old rules still apply: being persistent, being curious and leaving your value-judgements out of it. I especially think though, that if you continue to be curious about what’s going on in the world, and you can continue to communicate that curiosity, then you’ll find no shortage of things to write about.


A: Do you have any ‘insider’ tips on how to best break into the industry or get an internship?


PW: Cultivate contacts if you can. Look at websites and try to identify the different publications. Try and get in contact with somebody and email them and let them know that you’re enthusiastic about what they’re doing, because everyone likes to hear that they’re doing something well. I think the main thing for students (today) especially, is to try and get past the bureaucracy that is human resources, and meet with someone face-to-face. I’m a big believer that internships can be very helpful, even if you have to take an unpaid one, two, three or five…they’re all building blocks.


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Putting a face to the words….that’s me on the left, and my adorable sister on the right.

Just wanted to kick off this blog with a little introduction, and to fill you in on what I’m about. I’m currently in my third year at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and am pursuing fashion journalism. Because of my major and my avid interest in writing, the world of blogging should not be new to me….but it is. Speaking truthfully, I’ve enjoyed reading and following blogs, however, I have had a general disinterest in starting a blog of my own, particularly because I was adverse to regurgitating my uneventful day’s events.

I always felt that if and when I started a blog of my own, it would be informational, tongue-in-cheek and of course fun to look at. I want my blog to be a chronicle of musings and information when it comes to all things cultural and arts-inspired. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it, and please ask readers to bear with me as I progress in keeping this blog up, as I am only beginning to navigate this brand new world. I am truly excited to join the blogosphere, and am excited to begin my adventure on the interwebz. Enjoy!

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