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Moody Monday Pick Me Up

Early by 20 minutes, so sue me…don’t be angry it’s Monday. Partake, instead, in some Kenneth Anger magic.

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My Fashion School Daily Blog Post, Covering Suzy Menkes, and Max and Lubov Azria!

My Fashion School Daily Blog Post, Covering Suzy Menkes, and Max and Lubov Azria!

Check out my coverage of the Academy of Art’s School of Fashion spring 2013 symposium with fashion journalist, Suzy Menkes and BCBGMAXAZRIA designers, Max and Lubov Azria.

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Del Toro por MOI

Del Toro por MOI

Never have I wanted a pair of shoes more….

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“Fashion Film” It’s About Time…

So I’m sure a lot of you have seen or at least heard of the Matthew Frost video for Viva Vena! starring Lizzy Caplan…don’t even know where to begin, but I’m just obsessed with this video. Gotta love a good spoof on nostalgic, hipster fashion movies. Enjoy, and happy Friday!!

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In Other News…

In Other News...

Chloe Sevigny and renown skater, Jason Dill model the new capsule collection, supremeny x Comme des Garcons Shirt. Every part of this collection idea is so right on…it’s set to be released in New York, LA, London and online March 14th.

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Teresa Field Representing The School of Fashion

With New York Fashion Week come and gone, the fashion world and its fellow disciples are still processing the collections and finding ways to integrate the newest trends into their already-over-stuffed closets. This is all good and well, except that I find that much of the overwhelm of Fashion Week is to hit as many of the biggest named designer shows in the business, from Chanel to De la Renta. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the praise and exultation of seasoned craftsmen, it should be noted that there are young designers, shyly but steadily schlepping their way through Lincoln Center, putting the final touches on their debut collection, only in the mere hopes that someone of importance will turn an approving eye. So herein out, its time to support the over worked underdogs, and I turn the spot light to freshly minted women’s wear designer, Teresa Field.

Field is a San Francisco resident, not to mention a fellow student at the Academy of Art’s School of Fashion. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Field myself, I felt an immediate kinship when I saw her fall 13’collection hit the runway for the Academy’s show at New York Fashion Week. Her collection immediately caught my attention and held it, much more so than the other six featured designers included (all of which were breathtaking, I might add!)

The thing I enjoyed the most in this collection was the apparent collaborative effort Field mastered with the help of textile designer, James Thai and jeweler, Leah Aripotch, all Academy students. I’ve always had an extremely high respect for designers who were unafraid to seek out help in other design departments, in order for their collection to be the best that it could be. James Thai’s expert skull and bone etchings in cream leather far and above stole the show. While the outfits themselves were true to the modest theme of all of the AAU designers (high collars, quarter length sleeves and knee-length hem lines were prevalent), there was a dreamy, yet austere and slightly creepy feel to Field’s clothes. You gotta love a designer with an eye for subtlety, and a genius craftsmanship. In fact, props to all three involved in the making of this exquisite line; you all stood out in the muted-colored fog and offered us something more. Image

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Fashion Transitions and the Women who Helped me Through Them!

Recently, I’ve found that my urge to shop and completely make over my closet has dominated all other thoughts. Now, of course there’s nothing entirely wrong with my penchant for dreaming of new clothing, however, my inescapable need to buy, buy, buy has most likely stemmed from a fashion transition. Yes, in life we have transitions, as well as fashion transitions. Currently, I feel as if I’m straddling two fashion personas… the first, a misfit teen, dredging about in cutoffs, ripped tights and sneakers, and the other, an older, sophisticated workingwoman, not entirely unlike a Helmut Newton-esque model. These dual fashion personalities alight atop both of my shoulders, the young devil, and the older angel of reason. So while I believe there is room in my wardrobe to incorporate both the young and frivolous, as well as the mature and worldly, I feel like it would make cents to narrow in on some fashion leaders that could support and satiate my dualistic fashion cravings.

In the above pictures you’ll find two, lovely muses who are fashion bloggers in their own right. They are both inspirational when it comes to combining the funky and the refined.

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