Caretakers of Wonder

I feel like nothing can yank on an adult’s heart strings like the memory of their favorite children’s book. I myself was recently re acquainted with an old story my grandmother used to read me, and thought it was not only charming and nostalgic, but that it was pretty relevant to Earth Day (woohoo! Connections). The book is called “Caretakers of Wonder” and was written and illustrated in 1980 by the talented, Cooper Edens. The story itself is a guiding explanation on how things in the world work. For example, there’s a part that talks about “little people” who keep the moon fed, till he is “full” and then how they put him on a diet, therefore, making him “slimmer.”Cute, right? There’s silly explanations for all things regarding nature, from how the seasons change, to how the day time turns to evening time. The story ends with this:

“Now, while you sleep tonight…imagine what you most would like to do to help keep the world magical? For you know that one of these nights your friends are going to tap on your window and invite you to become one of the Caretakers of Wonder.”

So yeah, I basically interpret that last part as one growing up, inheriting the earth, and treating it with TLC, but then again, maybe I read too much into these things…no matter. The book is adorable, and I am IN FREAKING LOVE with the illustrations. Very neo victorian/surrealist. Image

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